Friday, September 07, 2012

New business

Please support my new business.

I have launched an escort agency in birmingham

If anyone has any advice on getting better ranking i would very much appreciate it.

I will start blogging again with a different angle to the industry !!

Please cluck on my site

Love n light

Roxy xx

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Another house full of tat !

His parents dusty bedroom ! I couldn't help noticing all this carboot tat !

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Yes i am in love

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Elizabeth Duke eat your heart out !

Wow...I was asked by a client this week if i would wear all of these ! He sat on my bed and emptied his sandwich bag full of tat and made me pile all of these on and look like a complete chav |LOL

He even wore some himself !! i asked him where on earth this ridiculous fetish came from he said that he remembered lying in his cot as a baby and his mums friend keep touching him with hands full of rings !!

I let him video me wanking him off with hands looking like an extra from shameless !!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yes Im in love

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The truth hurts


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And another draft

Well i just sat here and took off into fucking orbit with my mind. I walked into the kitchen and looked over at this whole fucking situation that was going on> Im bouncing around my kitchen looking at the leg of lamb defrosting on the cooker, the cheese board that was laid out waiting for the selection of the finest cheeses i chose not three hours earlier in Waitrose.

The pate resting in the fridge i had stood and made by hand. Then the piece of granite covered in wraps, powder and all types of drug paraphanaylia that was when two worlds collided for real !

The family in nearly elevern hours will be landing at my door. It's a beautiful thang that i can show my mama i can take over when need be.

My mum Polly my stepfather/father my nan and granny.

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Another draft i aint even read but hit publish haha !

Unfucking believable oh my god !! i have just sdat here and read the last post that i typed !!

Well i never !!!! I really am laughing my titties off reading that post.

Wow and the saddest part of it all was that that story was'nt even all that !!

What pure piffle !

This is so bad but earlier the phone rang and my mum answered. Dont even go their but for whatever reason i decided too tell her i was on a bender.

All of a

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This is a draft but fuck it ! its old Hmm

Following on from where my head is at right now. But i just reminded myself of the game i was married to before i became a hooker.

I was around 26 had just moved into a shared house which even now is still the era i was at my happiest. At this point i was still living in what you might say as the country life. I knew about the big city i lived about 20 miles from but had no connections.

I was just about to live even now thinking about this madness back then around 1995 it was the first year that the lottery came out. I had always looked upon what i knew about drugs as disgusting low life and all that.

Next thing is I'm necking pills (Ecstasy) and starting to have a ball. Next thing i know is the girl in the room next to mine was having visits from this black man.

I'm 25 never really been around people on the grand scale of things. As in wide boys. Ha this is so true i think we should share what the black thing is all about once and for all !

My earliest fantasy was being proper given it by one of the black doorman that was the only time living where i did was to come into contact with a black man.

All of a sudden I'm being introduced to this ugly looking black man.

It was definitely not love at first sight. But i guess from the word jump we came together like bonny an Clyde.

I don't remember the way things played out before i got into this new world i was about to live.

Fuck it lets sit back and see where my pedigree came from.

This is how i know that looks dont mean shit. This man in my eyes to begin with was hideous !

He was a whole different nigga for real. His name was C"£$%%%^^ he became my partner and then my biggest mentor. His hustle was cheque book and guarantee cards.

Not credit cards this is kiteing. We worked two days per week every week. Only on Thursdays and Saturdays these were busy shopping days.

He would pick me up and pass me the chequebook and a guarantee card in some other chicks name.

He had a method for cleaning the signature off with certain fluids.

So we drove always out of town and stopped off a t shopping malls along the way.

It could have been oxford,nottingham,cardiff you name it i have shopped their.

The scam was that each cheque i wrote either had a £50 quarantee card with it. Or £100 quarantee. The only shops that i went into was high street. Next Topshop, boots you name it i bought it.

Each bag i would take a jacket for example that was £49.99 or a suit jacket from next for £98.00.

C would walk around me taking the bags from me as they mounted up. I bought a wedding ring from Elizabeth Duke ha hell i did'nt know it was gonna blow up.

So after doing at times 2 cheque books thats like 56 shops the bags are dubbling up on all of the same names. Burtons Debenhams, Richard Shops, Wallis. We never did boutiques and one off shops as it was more risky of the owner checking his sales !!

It became a job in the end and mind games, confident cocky all those satursay girls in topshop had on their mind was getting laided !

I started to dress the part, i always carried my lucky black leather cheque book holder. I used to carry a briefcase leather gloves. Look them in the eye and ask them to pass me the pen.

Im the customer !

We used to land back at my house each time putting the whole pile of swag and taking it in turns to pick a bag.

At the time the law was that if you paid by cheque it didnt matter if your cheque hadnt cleared you got a cash refund.

So the next step was to have some girl do the 'takebacks she got £10 on a £100 bag and £5 on a fifty.

This was my first taste of paper money i guess ! i was earning thousands my life was nice !

I shopped twice a week got my money back from the takebacks had a wardrobe and house beginning to look nice !

My job for gods sake was to shop for a living with someone elses money !

Im still in love with cam at this point two. I was partying by now on the city scene. I began living a double life. I had loads of girlfriends but always kept my hustle to myself. Life was fab i had my ideal man who was off the scene.

I never ever wanted to be one of those towny gals whose men was always fucking everyone.

We smoked toghether but by now im meeting my own conects on the club scene. You name a dance club over the uk i have been in it and probably fell down the stairs in their.

So dont forget everything im hustling im having to share. He had his own strict rules of what shops to go in.

I meet this guy who starts giving me my own cards and paperwork to go with it.

I'm now around other hustlers. The scam that fucked it all up was doing instant credit purchases.

I remember walking out of what was then called powerhouse with a 48' black sony tv into the shopping trolley.

I had a good run but you always get greedy !

All of a sudden i got busted. The card i had been given had history. As in they passed on a card with a history on it. I was in the cells for three days. In the meantime because of the crime i had been pulled in over they had an instant warrant to search my premises.

I will never forget the look on the officers face when i saw my pedigree how he had made a big misjudgement.

The two of them looked me in the eye and said we are sorry for what we have done to your room.

When i walked into my room. The dirty bastards had gone into my laundrey bin having found soiled period thongs and hung them to the lightshade.

They had found two dildos and placed them on my mantlepiece.

im fucked too be contiuned .....

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The rebirth

I need to do this but I'm hammered so its gonna get messy ! My dad died last week on the 18 Dec.

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All those other men were practising....

I got to keep this blog going...I don't even wanna calculate when the last time that i showed this blog the time it so rightly deserves...

Lets take it back one week so I've been going through the motions planning my exit route so finally i have been focusing on finally putting my mind into the game but at a different level.

Ive launched a new escort agency which i have been focusing on of lately. I meet different girls most days. Girls Will come and go i will always need new girls but one caught my eye and she reminds me so much of me. We have come up with a new marketing idea which is a very specialist service. My girl Lola is 19 I'm now 40 yep !! so why not do the step mother daughter taboo I'm going to do it for as long as it takes to get that paper !

It doesn't happen in this industry and young girl meets an older hooker !! I'm excited shes a cutey...

My new name is Mrs Robinson it was time i stopped telling these men on the phone i was thirty. I am now marketing myself as Mrs Robinson who fell in love with the dough and her husband left her so she had to maintain the champagne lifestyle and say I'm a MILF ! then this chick i meet when i interview her me and her are now working as step mama and student daughter |Ha Ha !!

My girl is a freak her rules are only anal and facials so no pussy sex !

she takes all that messy shit and i fuck them perfect ! Ill try and post some visuals i really hope i can conquer this writers block :-(

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Poorly Sick

I know it has been so long since i updated this blog...I have been quite ill. I had a back operation in October and it caused me to loose all feeling in my left leg and i got a condition called foot drop !

I am four months into my recovery now so all being well i will be able to start rocking the high heels again and walking without a stick !!

Funny how one day you are fine and then bam, partially disabled :(

I really feel blessed that i have overcome all of this because i may not of ever walked again ! wondering if my lifestyle had anything to do with the back getting fooked up LOL !!

I promise i will get my writing back on track i really do not want to give up on this blog as i have come a long way and have so much more to give.

Love N Light Roxy xxxx

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Never stop chasing your dreams..

Life for me at the moment is so so ! Still doing the same things so keep getting the same results...

I guess i should sit back and feel blessed that i am still alive, after doing some of the things i have put myself through !! i applied for a sales role last week but i didn't get a response. I guess my CV looks perfect until 2001 which was the last company i worked for.

I will be forty years old next year and i did not expect to be still doing the things i do still !!

When i go back through the blog archives, at times i really cannot believe how fast pace my lifestyle was. My life now is so much different to how it used to be which in a way can only be good.

But on the flip side the void in my new life is a killer. I am no longer part of the club scene that i have spent the last thirteen years totally wilding out too !

where did all those people go that i met along the way ?

The way i used to live my life, at the time suited me always riding alone it had to be that way. But now i feel like life has passed me by.

I have no one to love me, very few friends that stuck around and a lifestyle that at this moment in time was not worth what i had to sacrifice along the way.

I don't even look the way i am supposed to look like ! you will be shocked when i tell you this but its true i have become servilely overweight and this is killing me the most. I cannot believe that i have overcome one hurdle (cocaine) and replaced it with food.

I don't look right real talk ... i have well i did let it get out of control. When i sit here thinking back to as to what has happened i guess being lonely and having more time played a part.

However... On a brighter note don't sit back and talk about things do something to help yourself !! get the fuck out of my face people who moan about negative things.. go kick rocks !

I am now a very proud member of BOOT CAMP !! I guess being around a group of people that are in no way affiliated to my life is a beautiful thing.

I go three times per week 6pm until 6.45 which is every Mon,wed and Thursday. Even just having that stability of a few hours per week that i am totally not used to has been great.

Its tough and brutal at times but i have to stay focused. I have to loose money at times which hurts but it is a must. I drop bookings when they fall on the night before i have to go and train but so be it.

Do you realise that for the last nine years i have lived my life with not one bit of structure to it ?

I have basically been able to do what the hell i have wanted.No commitments no nothing to adhere too. That has been my downfall and i am starting to see the whole picture very clear.

Can you imagine never looking forward to a weekend,not knowing that its a bank holiday. Never having to set your alarm clock to wake up ? eating when you feel like it ? staying in bed and sleeping at times your life away ? always being aware that your neighbours must be saying shit about you or constantly being on their radar !!

That is the least of my problems which being until they pay my mortgage they cant say shit but it's always there. What the hell happened to the person i once was ?

Up until a few weeks i noticed how hard faced the industry had made me.

Constantly taking all those calls, in the end made me into someone i was not raised to be.

It is impossible in this industry to keep your real identity. Maybe if you are just an escort you can switch back and forth in and out of character but not when you constantly take all the calls.

I guess i should keep chasing the dream ! that was the whole purpose of me creating ''The Devils Dandruff '' Wasn't it ???

Nite Nite Love N Light Roxy xxx

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Well i never !

Check it... (a list of interesting facts you didn't know about me)

1: I'm not bisexual but bi curious

2: I smoke davidoff or Cartier cigarettes

3: My next move is to become a mummy (adoption even etc don't have to come from me !)

4: I suffer with bad OCD

5: I hate having to fake an orgasm !

oo6: My ideal man is white suited n booted but rough around the edges diamond geezer type

7: I love gardening

8: I was once a web cam addict !!!

9: I have never ever had an aids test (see next fact)

10: I have a needle phobia

11: I have had two tattoos laissered off

12:I lost my vaginity at 13 lay down on a wall at the back of the local bingo hall

13: I used to be a top class credit card/chequebook fraudster

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It's a numbers game !

I have just done some research regarding the blog ! I deserve a pat on the back for the things i had to do too find out the answer to something i needed an answer for !

Just to let you know that i am on one ! I am all of a sudden sat here riding through a Sunday sesh !

Okay so here is how the whole thing played out. I had too find out the current stat on my blog hit counter. Then i remembered that a while back i noted down the number.

But i knew that i couldn't just go into my documents and get it out like any other documents i keep. Hell yeah I'm slick with everything in my life lives in a certain place. But this Lil move i made was whilst on a Colombian mini vacation.

Because this is another thing that i had to see in a critical way. Yes your girl took the numbers down like she was supposed to ! But this must have been the frame of my i was in.

The simplest thing i my retarded mind was too hit inbox at the bottom of the screen and hit create mail write the number down and hit send to my own email address. !

It has been like searching for a mutant object. It was in my sent folder so i'm like okay. I had to relive a whole differentld that i never knew existed.

The thing that did surprise me the most, not the watching never ending fall of things i purchase online. The things for my job yeah i have to keep on top of my game. I can't not tell you that and not give you a few examples so here goes i''ll list a few random things.

In fact let's not Ha !

So yeah what really did make me a little concerned was how many unnamed blank emails i seem to send to myself !! Hmmmmm...

At last ! I found the email !!

So then i had to go back and find the new figures which funnily enough i had sent not ten minutes prior. Exactly the same way as i had done the first time.

So now i have one mail with one stat on and another email that i had logged the second one on !

So I'm like a freaking retard looking at two sets of stats. Then i conjoined the two figures together for the first time. Not forgetting that they were being treated like something that at that particular moment my life depended on these two emails i had open.

All i kept thinking was these emails could disappear at any moment.

I tried to work out the sum on my desktop calculator which didn't get me my answer.

I'm baffled at this point so i reach for my blackberry (storm don't' ya know !)

I still couldn't find the divided by key. So this whole set back if i remember took quite some time !!!

I'm now starting to bug out for real and i still ain't found the answer WTF

Did i miss something I'm now wondering my keyboard, the blackberry calculator and the desktop vista calculator dont have the divided sign im looking for ??????

I had to ask google the question but because i still had not got the sign.

Well blow me Ha i just realised you gotta type the numbers as that is what the story is about.

Wow... I'm not kidding you but all of a sudden i can't get back into what i was trying to say !

Hell yeah i wanna holla whats good.

The figure worked out over the last five months that i get on average 505 hits per day !!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New batteries required

I have a booking on Thursday at 4PM with a lady called Tina....

She contacted me a while back regarding details on how to book me as a present for her husbands birthday.

Now she has decided to book me herself before his big day !! She is coming on her way home from a meeting. Nice !!

She has never been with a woman before ! Mmmmm I'm as you already no not really into girls on the regular. It's just a thing i enjoy when wrecked !

Hell no i love men !! so I'm a little nervous but i need the wonga so I'm game !

As long as she plays her part as in ''I'm the plug and she's the socket'' Then we will get along just fine.

She sounds lovely on the phone so i hope she doesn't disappoint...

Saying that i love her already I only put the advert in. Shes actually calling me up and going all out to get her some ! nice...

This made me smile earlier ! i answered the door to a client earlier and as he walked in he went straight over to my rug and wiped his feet on it !!

I was like what the hell are you doing. He was that nervous that he completely lost it on the way in that he did some crazy thing.

He babbled something about never to doing that in his own house !

''No shit'' !!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The next level !

Well.... I have some excellent news ! I have met a client that has requested that i send him about four blog posts for him to give me his opinion on taking things to the next level.

It has always been a dream of mine to publish ''The devils dandruff''

so can i get some feedback on which four posts i should send him to read ?

I look forward to your response !!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is the blueprint that belongs to the below flicks !


Would you and your friend be available tonight for a 30 minute tonight at 900 pm. I would like you both to laugh and humiliate me about the size of my penis.

You pretend to be my partner and she is your friend and you are telling her how shit it is for you to have to put up with a small dick like mine.

You measure my penis and laugh your heads off. You tell her how sad I am and how I am prepared to let you fuck a black man with a big dick rather than lose you.

Hope this would be fun for you Dan :)

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Cocaine, Champayne, Sex, Money and bullshit. Forget Belle De Jour, Bridget Jones who's she !! this is the real deal enjoy xx

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